Meeting on 1/9/2017

Meeting came to order.

Donations were made to start off the meeting:

Closing on the building:

Charlie Palermo told her about our mission statement that our priority was to obtain and facilitate the care and transfer of the building to return it to the town. Tom Connors added that it is the borough's responsibility to treat this gift with respect and it is up to the people to make the decision as to what would happen with the building. "Its a great day for Weatherly."

Charlie Palermo said yes, that will be persued.

Both Charlie and Tom answered his question, and the building was accepted. We just want to make sure the borough is happy with the way we go about going through with the purchase.

No, our group is planning on working closely with the borough to help keep the school up. Many volunteers have made commitments to help. (Which may or may not include bord members willing to volunteer.)


Brian O'Donnell made first motion to adjourn and Alyssa Hinkle seconded.