Meeting Minutes from March 6, 2017

In Attendance

  1. Charlie Palermo
  2. Brian O'Donnell
  3. Alyssa Hinkle
  4. Dawn Bellizia
  5. Paula Thomas
  6. Phil Jeffries
  7. Mayor Tom Connors
  8. Donnell Stump
  9. Nancy Mulvaney
  10. Chris Henritsy
  11. Joe Cybert
  12. Tom McBrien
  13. Rachel Scott
  14. Eve Scott
  15. Bill Titus
  16. Paula Thomas
  17. Atty. Laura Bonin Walters
  18. Harold Pudliner
  19. Michele Gerhard and son Ashton

Minute Approval:

Harold Pudliner (Borough Manager) spoke about the borough now owning the school:

Mr. Pudliner had contacted an engineering firm and environmental division to help with the school property. He explained what they had done in the past with the Round House/Train Works and Tunsall property. These groups have taken a tour of the building and will do the phase "1" for us complimentary/at no charge. This is so we can start getting grants for the school.

There needs to be an assesment grant first. ( To check safety -asbustos, mold, lead paint) this is a 75/25 grant. (How much we get -vs- how much we pay into it. To clarify, we will try to get out 25% of the cost forgiven.) Upon the initial visit they don't want anyone (public) in the building based on the dust, asbestos and mold. (For safety's sake until an assessment is done.) He also spoke to Hinkles about the roof for a ball park on total new roof. They would prefer that we go to a roofing consultant. Mr. Pudliner will contact other contractors to move forward with the roof. He has not seen anything additional with the weather coming in through the tarps currently on the roof.

He states, "Once we get the numbers from the consult they will assess what kind of grant we will need to apply for." Worst case scearnio we will need put in a new electrical pannel based on initial evaluation.

Mr. Pudliner also contacted the department of agriculture to try to get rid of the voltures. Once the clock is fixed- they won't like the chiming on the hour. In addition, (on a comical note) he said that we can kill one of the birds and hang it from the bell tower and the others will not come near after that point. No one seemed to like the idea of a volture carcass hanging from the tower, but Mayor Tom recommended that Counselmen Cyburt dress as a big bird to chase them away.

Water will need to be reconnected, and new wiring will be needed.

Question in regards to the roof-

Mr.Pudliner said we want a total seal with rubber around the dome. If citizens see anything wrong with the building they are encouraged to address concerns by calling the borough or emailing

Before the annex comes down they must have the assesment finished. The hopes are to have the annex gone before the roof is done. There will need to be a structual analysis that will need to be done to see if the annex can be salvaged. According to Mayor Tom Connors- there are cracked and descentegrated cinder blocks indicate that portion of the building is beyond repair.

Charlie Palermo showed picturtes of what the school used to look like.

Concerns from the VP

Brian O'Donnell asked about the possibility of a community clean up. In addition we needed assurance that the taxes will not go up due to this building as we have promised in our mission statement. Next borough meeting Mr. Pudliner said that they will be exhonorating taxes so there will be no worry about taxes.

Treasurer's Report

Other concerns:

Next meeting Tuesday March 21 7pm location to be determined.

Motion to Adjourn: