Meeting Minutes from 3/21/2017

Approval of previous minutes

Treasurer's Report Read by Charlie Palermo

Bank Balance- $3,643.80

+300 in additional donations just recently received. (not yet deposited)

$2,200 paid back to Joan Palermo (loan for closing costs)

Raise the Roof Festival:

Brian O'Donnell mentioned that there should be a committee formed to help with planning.

Motion to form committee for this event first approved by Brian O'Donnell and seconded by Alyssa Hinkle


Committee tenatively scheduled for next week 3/28 7pm at the firehouse.

The first to sign up for this committee- Paul O'sullivan, Eve Scott & Alyssa Hinkle (Jon Hardy who is an outsider who is taking on the responsibility of the chili cook-off.)

Non-voting members for new board

Other topics discussed:

Volunteer clean up event (possible committee needed) no date planned yet but was suggested to be held in June to not interfere with the Raise the Roof event.

Cabage festival- as we get more information, will discuss becoming involved. Either selling a cabbage dish or tee shirts, drinks for fund raising.

Aug 25+26 Weatherly festival... We will have the bounce houses again. Do we want to have information booth/tee shirt sales or just sell juice boxes for the kids.- this topic will be tabled for another time closer to the actual event.

Charlie spoke with Mr. Pudliner in regards to building and fundage. Electric on first floor, no estimate yet. Current bank $3,963. not enough to get the roof done. Tom connors said they have contacted a roofing consultant to try to get an estimate for that renovation.

Tom connors also mentioned that the borough was positive about the tax exhonoration in regards to the building. Tom also mentioned that we would handle the electric "in house" with weatherly's electricity/labor.

Q(question from a public attendee): Can we or public donate materials for building and renovation?
A: Tom answered- We can accept donated material.

Bill Titus recommended we get solar candles for the windows.

Charlie also spoke about getting on the national historic registry. Michele Sparich spoke to someone about getting a form to begin the process of becoming a part of said registry. Tom Connors mentioned that it may not be wise to do that first- get done what you need to get done so you don't have to do things "their way". Michele said she would research this further in the meantime.

Additional items of concern:

Shirts with membership- If Dawn can supply the shirts for members and how much it would cost. (Mentioned as a possibility to promote membership.)

When bell tower starts to chime again we should have a large event, board members, public, media...

Discussed contact lists so we can reach out to the public- like a newsletter.

Hillclimb June 10-11 including a community yardsale to try to raise money for new picnic tables for the hillclimb. We plan on discussing having a table at this event as well.

Paul O'Sullivan asked about social media. He had volunteered to do more social media outreach. He is also willing to donate a gumball machine to put somewhere to help fundraise.

Next meeting Tenatively Scheduled April 3rd @ 7pm


1st motion to adjourn Brian O'Donnell.

2nd by Alyssa Hinkle

All agreed