Meeting Minutes from August 21, 2018

Meeting was called to order with attending members and public:

A Gift was found at the Current Middle/Elementary school and given to our group. It was a portorate of the Schwab School by Betty Weigand.

Last meeting minutes were accepted:

  1. First by Paula Thomas
  2. Second by Phil Jeffries
  3. All Agreed

Treasurer's Report: After final payment to Bradford Clocks $5,905.53 is currently in the bank and an additional $660.80 was brought to the meeting from the recent festival we had at the end of July.

Plaque Project: According to Charlie Palermo, they gave the list of donors to the plaque maker (Chris Henritzy) as he is doing the labor free and only materials are being paid for.

Festival: We discussed what is needed for future vendor events.

Dawn's Vinyl items: New shirt designs were presented by Dawn. We discussed printing other items such as car decals and window stickers. In addition, we spoke about the clock face and how much it costs. The total invoice was $1,587.10 to make them. We made motion to agree to pay said invoice.

  1. First motion to pay: Charlie Palermo
  2. Paula Thomas
  3. All agreed

Another bill was discussed that was brought up at this time. Eve paid out of pocket for syrups and supplies needed for the festival/sno cone machine.

  1. First motion to pay: Alyssa Hinkle
  2. Dawn Bellizia8
  3. All agreed

Bill was unable to attend the meeting, but wrote an email with concerns. They included:

  1. Pledge sheet revisions-which were addressed and corrected.
  2. Update the mission statement.
  3. Banner edits for the banner that we hang at events.
  4. Buy Dawn's tee shirt inventory to cause her less stress.
  5. Buy a stand for the shaved ice machine that makes sno-cones at events as they sell well and need something for the product to fall into as the treats are being made.

Cabbage fest was discussed and what we plan on preparing for that will be covered by the events committee. A $50 check needed to be written to hold our spot at this festival. We will also plan on making hot dogs with saurkraut, Bill's cupcakes and more sno-cones. (As these items sound strange together, they are all easy to make and we are equipped to serve such items.)

Other updates:

Meeting Adjournment:

  1. Alyssa Hinkle (First motion to Adjourn)
  2. Dawn Bellizia
  3. All Agreed