Schwab School Minutes from 8/22/2017

Meeting was called to order


  1. Phil Jeffries
  2. Paula Thomas
  3. Nancy Mulvaney
  4. Bill Titus
  5. Michele Sparich
  6. Charlie Palermo
  7. Laura Walters
  8. Earnie Stauffer
  9. Michele Gerhard
  10. Eve Scott
  11. Donell Stump

Accepting previous minutes:

Weatherly Festival:

Will be held at the park on Friday and Saturday. Bounce houses will need to be manned 1pm-9pm on Saturday ONLY. Extention chords, folding tables, folding chairs and filled gallon jugs will be needed. Anyone who wants to volunteer, please see Alyssa. Paula volunteered to sell tee shirts.

Cabbage Festival:

A servesafe license is not needed. This subject is tabled until after Weatherly festival.


We will need to ask Joe Cyburt if we can do snow cones. The plan is to sell tee shirts and do childrens games as usual.


Other Concerns: