Schwab School Board meting 2/20/2018


Meeting called to order:

Acceptance of the previus minutes:

  1. First by: Paula Thomas
  2. Second by: Bill Titus
  3. All agreed

Treasurer's report:

Lori was not in attendance, information that Charlie provided is not current.

Newest information:

Clock is still being assessed. Charlie provided an update that the part needed will not be ordered until Bradford clocks is ready to work on it as it will lose time on it waranty. The waranty is under effect as soon as the part is ordered. In addition to what Bradford is doing, Dawn's Vinyl Designs will also be making new/fresh clock faces.

There was discussion in cleaning up the "grafitti" in the actual clock housing. The group agreed that this is a part of the history of the school and the signatures should stay.

Tom Connors was not in attendance to give an update on what is going on with the building (with the borough) but Bill Titus did report that the roof will cost considerably less to fix as the roof itself is sloped and the coupla takes up space in such a way that the actual materials needed would be about half the amount originally anticipated for the fix.

The events committe is planning a St.Patricks themed dinner at the Firehouse. The group is planning on having an Irish corn beef hash dinner on Saturday, March 17 and plans are still in the works for that.

The events committe also reported on the cake distribution at the school. The weather was nice but cold as it was in January. However, all the cake was distributed. (If not at the school- It was brought to the local gas station at TJ's where it brought some attention of the locals.)

Other plans were mentioned to attend already planned area events such as the Earth Day festival in April with the normal stand sales such as tee shirts, snow cones and kids games/prizes.


  1. 1. Paula Thomas
  2. 2. Alyssa Hinkle
  3. All agreed