Charles M. Schwab School Restoration Project:

Public Meeting Minutes 8/16/2016:

The Meeting Agenda and Discussions:

  1. Welcome: Charlie Palermo showed his appreciation to all attendees, especially minutes after a rough rainstorm.
  2. Introduction of the board members:
    • Dawn Bellizia
    • Brian O'Donnell (Vice Pres.)
    • Mayor Tom Connors
    • Charlie Palermo (Pres.)
    • Paula Thomas
    • Alyssa Hinkle (Seceritary)
    • Michele Sparich
    • Lori Clabia (Treasurer)
    • Phil Jeffries
    • Lee Zink (Who arrived later in the evening, but he was announced- Who he was and his role in the board.)
    • Luke Medico- a local real estate agent (unable to attend, also announced)
  3. Mission Statement:
  4. “The C.M. Schwab School restoration project’s mission is to coordinate community efforts to acquire the historic Schwab school and facilitate its transfer back to public use as a gift to the borough of Weatherly.”
  5. Email Updates & Volunteer Sign-Up
    • There were two sign up sheets- one for email newsletters and another for volunteer sign up. Anyone interested, please email
  6. The By-laws were explained by Atty. Dan Miscaviage, who was very enthusiastic about how quickly our 501(c)(3) non-profit status was processed. It was also mentioned that his time and work he put into this was donated. He also explained what happened in the background to have our cause become a 501(c)(3)
  7. Both Charlie Palermo and Tom Connors discussed about the condition of the building along with the topics on the agenda.
    • Tom Connors went more into detail about the relationship between the Borough Counsel and the Schwab School. He was very positive that because the people of the town wanted this, the Borough will allow us to do so. Under the borough's care, the school would be able to receive more grants and government funding.
    • Charlie Palermo added the following:
      • Mentioned all of the positive feed back (and one "neigh sayer" that he met at the Dollar Store from New Jersey... to which he said, "Get on board, or get out of the way!"
      • *"If you question the way the children in our area are being brought up, look at our youth and what they have done for our cause." He went on to mention that the class of 2016 donated about $900 left over from the senior all night party. In addition, the disbanded youth football group had money which was offered to a girl to help another charity.... It was decided that this money would also go to the Charles M Schwab School Restoration Project.
      • youth giving funds
    • Dawn Bellizia spoke about volunteers being needed for the Weatherly Festival coming up on 8/26-8/27th for the information booth and bounce house. Attendees have the opportunity to schedule volunteer time for the event.
    • The tee-shirts and beverage koozies were advertised, and proceeds benefit the Schwab School.

Q&A Session

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